Watching everybody livetweet the episode while not watching is hilarious

'And then he strokes it'

lol before the S7 premier i stayed up late to watch it live and i kept falling asleep before it started and this year i’m wide awake just before the episode starts with zero intention to watch live

my poor sleep schedule O.o


Jemily + Text Posts: Part 1 (Requested by a shit-ton of anons)

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babe can i show you my d*ck 



Morgan thought that Emily’s last words were ‘let me go’ for so, so long, and really, he had no choice but to let her go because he was too late to save her. He no longer had the power to stop her from leaving. 

He spent months thinking Emily’s last words were ‘let me go’ and he had to live with that burden, but not once during this time did he ever, ever, let the man responsible go.

He fought to find him every step of the way and he managed it. Because he might not have had the power to stop Emily from leaving, but he had the power to catch the man responsible. 

when i’m sad i like to think about CM accidentally implying emily prentiss finds men pooping in boxes attractive and i laugh 

I’m sad, i maybe had one too many glasses of wine, I miss Alex and my house is covered in hamster poo 

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i’m gonna miss Rossi being stunned to silence by alex’s quips

I’m gonna miss her out sassing him

I’m gonna miss their old lady double act thing 

rossi x blake forever 

.. it’d be totally reasonable to have alex’s brother on the show even if she’s not on it anymore, right? 

"Survival is insufficient."

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Word. Just two more days until #CriminalMinds premieres. Crew is working day and night for #CM10 @ajcookofficial 


Word. Just two more days until #CriminalMinds premieres. Crew is working day and night for #CM10 @ajcookofficial 

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i wonder how many episodes mgg managed to wrangle for directing this season. 

Because the idea makes my lip curl automatically because A) he loves creepy so much and the writers pander to him so much every episode he directs accidentally manages to glorify the fucked up areas of itself, so basically the unsub gets made cool which is just wrong 

and B) i resent the male cast members fighting over the directors chair when the ladies couldn’t even get paid fairly 

And okay if he’s gonna direct a lot, don’t pander to him so much. He’s perfectly capable of directing an episode like Lauren. He’s not going to expand his craft if he directs the same stuff over and over. 

it sounds like a book title, yknow like “Eat, Pray, Love” but with so much more interesting story

i am not eating that hamster

danni against furballs 2k14  

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