now i’m thinking about 13 year old emily prentiss making plans to nab prince william when he’s older because if she’s queen her mother can’t boss her around anymore and she can do what she wants plus she’d get a crown


I don’t want to go down with my ship. I want my ship to go down on each other.

and garcia was like “remember when i had his number and jj killed my vibe” and emilys like JENNIFER JAREAU WHAT WERE YOU THINKING


headcanon that they’ve met before 

i always imagine that when Garcia found out that Prince William was getting married that she got sad and emily and JJ took her out for drinks to cheer her up over her losing her chance.

sometimes i remember how much i ship alex and erin and cry a lot

casually stumbling on a fanfic set in 100 where buffy summers saves haley from foyet is the best thing and i never knew i needed this until now 


aos cast reunion at the guardians of the galaxy premiere (x)

the idiot cat that lives a few doors down just decided to sit on the open garage door and quickly found that it doesn’t actually support it’s weight and went splat on the floor 


i can never seem to drink enough in this heat and it’s really annoying 



I bought my friend an elephant for their room.

They said “Thank you.”

I said “Don’t mention it.”

Is there a joke here that 15 thousand people get but I don’t?

But I feel like the screwed elle over too I mean she had to leave (I know Lola wanted to but) over killing and unsub but when Hotch does it in 100 he’s made a hero blergh.

My point with elle was pre-unsub killing anyway (and only a side note because i was p much talking about our current cast of writers, not the s1+2 ones). lol but the most miserable thing about that is no matter how much of a double standard that is, Elle’s still a head and shoulders above the rest simply because she got actual attention that wasn’t all ‘look how badass i am for not caring!!!. ughhhh 

and yeah, hotch staying and elle having to go is a vastly different standard, but I never once got the vibe that hotch is made a hero and I’ve never quite understood where that one comes from? I literally get the complete opposite vibe from the episode, I feel like the show makes Hotch an entirely broken, spiralling, completely out of control man.

The image of morgan physically dragging a sobbing, angry mess of a normally so composed and cool man off of a corpse he’s still beating to death even though he’s long dead remains one of the most disturbing visuals in the show for me, not because it was graphic, it wasn’t. but because it showed how low Hotch was taken, how much humanity he’s lost from being slowly tortured for months. That episode has power for me because it’s the story of a man who is barely even human anymore, and the complete opposite of the hero he probably wants to be for his son. 

you’re absolutely right, but i just think it’s the fandom who makes Hotch out to be a hero, not the show. 

When will the writers get it through their heads that giving Reid an arc completely dependant on fridging a female character and then them playing out his grief naturally over time is like a kick in the face to people who wanted JJ to get actual development and screentime from her storyline in S9?

Maybe, maybe without the Maeve fiasco I wouldn’t have been AS pissed at them completely ignoring JJ’s trauma, but as it is, they created a lady to die so Reid could have a season to get over it and ‘develop’, then next season said ‘oh look major JJ arc’ and did pretty much everything they could to avoid giving her time to work through it or develop as a character. 

Plus, they added water to so so SO MANY of the cases post JJ-gate and she had no reaction whatsoever. Kick. In. Face. 

Basically, Reid’s loss of somebody he loved (a woman whose only function in the show was to die for man pain) trumps JJ’s very real trauma over being abducted and tortured. One story is worth telling over time and the other should be dropped immediately. Man pain is law.

Then, add to the fact that after Hotch lost Haley he got a lot of character development from it, it was a well written arc for Hotch.  Then talk about what happened to Prentiss and how massive a trauma that was and think about how she got like, only The unknown subject and a Hit/Run to talk about it. I mean, they spoke about her being gone and the effects it had, but it was pretty much predominately Reid who took the spot light on that one. 

So yeah, maybe if they didn’t consistently shove the ladies feelings under a bus in favour of shit storylines than involve killing other ladies for man pain we wouldn’t be so angry. But you’re repeat offenders and it’s getting old. And yes, we were mad the first time and now we’re furious.

Just once I’d like to see the same care and effort put into one of the ladies’ feelings after a traumatic event as they do when it happens to one of the guys. 

But no. No sins were committed by us, say the writers as they continue to ignore that we have genuine articulate concerns.